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The Dr. Dental Discount Membership Plans

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The Dr. Dental Discount Member Plan is an annual reduced fee dental plan that allows individuals and families – just like yours – to receive quality dental services from Dr. Dental Offices at prices that make sense for today’s economy. Dr. Dental Discount Member Plans offer the savings of group dental care, plus the individualized attention of private care.

The great thing about the Dr. Dental Discount Member Plan is that there are no waiting periods. Your coverage of everything from basic oral care to dentures to endodonic treatments begins immediately upon registering. The Dr. Dental Discount Member Plan also covers teeth whitening! Take home whitening costs for both orange and black members is only $149, while black and orange members also receive steep discounts on in office Venus whitening.

After your Dental Discount Membership is effective, to receive care simply call the dental office of your choice for an appointment. All Dr. Dental Offices offer evening and Saturday appointments to ensure your busy schedule is accommodated.

All payments listed under the Reduced Fee Schedule and Patient Payments in our brochure are made directly to the dental office as treatment is performed. You should discuss all future payments and costs with your selected office.

Platinum Plan

$300/ Yr you get: 2 xrays, 2 exams & 2 cleanings, free in-office whitening (a $500 value), guaranteed apt times with 0 wait time, additional discounts above and beyond regular orange & black plan

Member(s) Orange Plan Black Plan
Member $11.50 $13.50
Member +1 $16.50 $18.50
Member +2 $25.50 $27.50
Member +3 $25.50 $27.50
Member +4 $30.50 $32.50

Compare The Savings of the Dr. Dental Member Plan

Usual Fees

Orange Plan

Orange Savings

Black Plan

Black Savings





































Root Canal












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